The most memeable memecoin that is playable. The dogs have had their day; it's time for the chickens to take reign.


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About us
At CHICKY, we believe in bringing joy and excitement to the BASE network. Our mission is to create a vibrant and inclusive community where members can unleash their creativity, share positive vibes, and ride the crypto wave together.

We aim to create the most memeable memecoin with a playful shade to it. Imagine three of our CHICKY's racing against each other in a 24/7 livestream, where you can bet on your favorite chicken: Nugget, Waddles, or Ripple.

Create a Wallet

Download and install the Metamask Wallet either from your phone's app store or as a browser extension for desktop.

Get ETH on Base

Visit bridge.base.org, connect your Ethereum blockchain wallet, and select the amount of ETH you want to transfer from the ERC20 network to Base. Ensure you retain enough ETH for covering gas fees.

Go to Uniswap

Go to Uniswap and input the contract address for $CHICKY listed on this website to exchange your ETH.

Buy your $CHICKY

Simply add the $CHICKY contract address to your Metamask Wallet to display your $CHICKY tokens. Welcome to the race!

The memecoin that is playable.



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